How Long Does It Take a Wisdom Tooth to Come Through the Gums?

The amount of time it takes for wisdom teeth to come in is highly variable based on the size of a person's jaw, according to WebMD. In some people the wisdom teeth break through but never actually come in due to lack of space.

In other cases the wisdom teeth are forced to come in crooked or even backwards, according to WebMD. When there isn't enough room for them to come in, the wisdom teeth can become impacted, or stuck, and unable to break through the gum surface. Problems with the wisdom teeth coming in can cause pain in the tooth or jaw and infection in the gums surrounding the wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth typically begin coming in sometime between ages 15 and 30 in most people, according to WebMD. If individuals haven't experienced any issues with their wisdom teeth once they are over age 30, chances are the teeth don't need to be removed. Due to potential problems, many people choose to have their wisdom teeth removed before they break through the gums. Wisdom teeth are extracted by a dentist or oral surgeon on an outpatient basis. Conflicting evidence exists in the scientific community about whether it's necessary to remove wisdom teeth that aren't causing any problems.