How Long Is Our Vision Blurred After Cataract Surgery?


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After cataract surgery, vision begins improving within a few days, with blurriness starting to clear by the next day, Mayo Clinic states. It generally takes a few days before vision is completely restored after the surgery.

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It is normal for eyes to itch and feel irritated for a couple of days following cataract surgery, so it is important not to rub or push the eyes. Patches or protective shields may also be required to keep foreign objects away from the eyes and for sleeping, according to Mayo Clinic.

Pain relievers, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, may be prescribed by the doctor to deal with minor pain, notes WebMD. Mild tearing and light sensitivity are also expected a short time after the surgery. Medicated eye drops to help the healing process and prevent infection are often prescribed for use for a few days following cataract surgery.

Patients are advised against very strenuous activities for a short time after the surgery to avoid unnecessary injury to the eyes, Web MD states. Normal activities do not need to be restricted, and it is safe to return to work or the daily routine a day after the surgery. Glasses may still be needed even after the surgery has successfully been performed due to other normal eyesight issues.

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