How Long Does It Typically Take to Recover From a Broken Pelvis?


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Full recovery from a pelvic fracture typically takes six to 12 weeks, according to Dr. Allan Inglis Jr., an orthopedic surgeon. In the immediate aftermath of a pelvic fracture, a patient may require total bed rest for up to a week. The pelvis usually begins healing within four weeks.

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Stable pelvic fractures usually heal on their own without surgery, as reported by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Patients must use a walker or crutches and avoid placing any weight on their legs until the bones in the pelvis fully heal. Doctors typically prescribe pain medications to alleviate discomfort. Additionally, doctors sometimes prescribe blood thinners to prevent blood clots due to decreased mobility.

Severe pelvic injuries involving multiple fractures and extensive internal bleeding require emergency medical care, states Cedars-Sinai. The priority is to stop the bleeding and stabilize the injury. In cases requiring surgery, orthopedic surgeons use an internal device, such as pins or plates and screws, to hold the bones of the pelvis together. Patients undergo extensive rehabilitation and physical therapy following the surgery.

Symptoms of pelvic fracture include pain in the groin, lower back or hip; difficulty standing or walking; difficulty urinating; and tingling or numbness in the legs or groin. Doctors use X-rays and computed tomography, or CT, scans to view pelvis injuries, according to Cedars-Sinai.

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