How Long Does Tizanidine Stay in Your System?


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Tizanidine stays in the body between three to six hours, with its peak effect during the second and third hour, according to Drugs.com. Another dose can be taken six to eight hours later, but no more than three doses should be taken in one day.

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While tizanidine is in the system, it can cause sedation and hallucinations, states Drugs.com. It can also cause anaphylaxis. It is recommended that an individual start with a 2-milligram dose, and increase the dosage by 2 milligrams at a time as needed. This increase should be made over the course of one to four days.

The dosage should not be more than 36 milligrams a day. If an individual has been taking a large dose, between 20 and 36 milligrams a day, for nine weeks or more, he should decrease his dosage gradually by 2 or 4 milligrams per day, under the care of his physician, states Drugs.com.

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