What Is the Long-Term Prognosis of a Fatty Liver Condition?


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In most cases, fatty liver conditions do not lead to progressive liver disease and can be reversed with proper treatment. If the cause of the fatty liver condition is due to alcohol, if the damage is not permanent the individual can stop drinking and in most cases the liver will heal. If the condition was due to obesity, diabetes or high cholesterol, treating the underlying condition will most times leads to a reversal of the fatty liver condition.

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Treatment of a fatty liver condition is based on the cause, which often involves no alcohol consumption, weight loss, blood sugar control and cholesterol management.

People that are obese are more likely to suffer from a fatty liver since the condition is a build up of excess fats and oils in the liver. According to WebMD, a fatty liver is often diagnosed with an ultrasound, blood tests but cannot be confirmed without a liver biopsy. A biopsy is not likely performed until all other causes have been completely ruled out.

According to Healthline, in addition to the other causes mentioned, pregnancy, malnutrition and excessive intake of certain medications can lead to a fatty liver. An acute fatty liver of pregnancy is extremely rare, but can be life threatening. The symptoms occur in the third trimester and once delivery of the baby the symptoms and condition generally clear up without treatment.

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