Are the Long-Term Effects of High Blood Pressure Levels Dangerous?

The long-term effects of high blood pressure on the body are dangerous, as they include the possibility of heart failure, stroke and kidney failure, according to Healthline. Sexual dysfunction and osteoporosis are also possible over the course of time.

Excessive blood pressure causes damage to veins and arteries over time, interfering with the flow of blood in the body. Within blood vessels, high blood pressure makes some arteries stretch too much, causing tears and scar tissue. The arteries narrow as a result and have to work harder, making heart failure possible, notes Healthline.

If the narrowed blood vessels are blocked and blood stops flowing to the brain, stroke is a possible consequence, leading to considerable brain damage. High blood pressure is the primary risk factor for stroke. Narrowed blood vessels also make the kidneys less efficient at filtering out toxins, and the resulting scarring can end kidney function altogether, reports Healthline.