How Long Does Surgery Take for Shoulder Spurs?


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Arthroscopic surgery for the removal of bone spurs on the shoulder is typically an hour long, according to Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush. After the surgery, it can take several months for shoulder pain to subside and for motion to be fully restored. The procedure is considered minimally invasive.

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Bone spurs on the shoulder are associated with a condition known as impingement syndrome, in which a bony growth develops on the acromion, causing inflammation and pain, explains MedlinePlus. During shoulder arthroscopy, the medical team makes small incisions in the shoulder where they insert fiberoptic cameras, called arthroscopes, that allow them to view the inside of the shoulder joint. These cameras are connected to a video monitor in the operating room and help to guide the surgeon. During the procedure, the bone is shaved down to remove the spur.

Arthroscopic surgery is also used for torn rotator cuff correction, shoulder joint instability and inflammation or damage to the shoulder joint due to rheumatoid arthritis, states Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush. After surgery, patients are advised to wear a sling and administer ice to reduce swelling. At a certain point in recovery, patients are expected to undergo physical therapy to recondition the shoulder so they can regain their normal range of motion and strength.

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