How Long Do You Stay in the Hospital After a Colostomy Reversal Surgery?

The hospital stay for a traditional colostomy reversal surgery is seven to eight days. If the reversal is done laparoscopically, the hospital stay is five days, according to Columbia St. Mary's Hospital.

Before a patient is released from the hospital, bowel functions must return to normal, Columbia St. Mary's Hospital states. The hospital staff works with the patient to increase activity levels and ensure a regular diet can be tolerated before discharging the patient. During recovery time, patients may experience mild to moderate pain, depending on the type of surgery. Individuals who have traditional surgery often experience moderate pain, while those who have laparoscopic surgery often experience minimal pain.

A traditional colostomy reversal surgery involves making two to three large incisions in the abdomen to give the surgeon access to the colon, explains the Colostomy Care Organization. A laparorscopic surgery involves three to four tiny incisions. During a laparoscopic surgery, a tiny camera, called the laparoscope, is attached to a flexible tube and inserted in one incision. This laparoscope allows the surgeon to see during the procedure without the need for a large incision. The surgeon then makes two to three other small incisions to insert miniature instruments for clamping, cutting and suturing the colon.