How Long Do You Stay on the Cabbage Soup Diet?


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The cabbage soup diet is followed strictly for seven days. Dieters can eat as much of the cabbage soup as they want, two or three times per day. Each day a different type of food is allowed along with the soup.

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On day one, dieters are allowed to consume any fruit, excluding bananas. Day two allows dieters to eat green leafy vegetables, but excludes fruit and starch. On day three, dieters are allowed to eat all fruits and vegetables. Day four allows dieters to have bananas and skim milk, and day five allows dieters to eat a small amount of beef or skinless baked chicken and tomatoes. On day six, dieters may eat beef and vegetables, and day seven allows dieters to include brown rice, unsweetened juices and vegetables.

This diet is considered a crash diet, and it does not give the body the nutrients it needs, claims WebMD. Crash diets may help dieters lose weight for a short time, but they do not provide long-term benefits or results. The cabbage soup diet is very strict, and some people find it difficult to follow. Variations on the soup all contain the same basic main ingredients of cabbage, tomatoes and green peppers. Bouillon and mushrooms are also added in some recipes.

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