How Long Does It Take for Shin Splints to Heal?


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It can take between 3 to 6 months for a shin splint to heal, according to MedlinePlus. If a person does not allow a shin splint to heal completely before returning to strenuous activities, this can result in continued pain in the affected shinbone.

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How Long Does It Take for Shin Splints to Heal?
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The pain associated with shin splints is due to the inflammation of muscles and other connective tissues about the shin area. A cause of shin splints is repetitive stress of the shinbone. People affected by this problem can include gymnasts and runners. Some symptoms of this condition are pain in the front region of the shin or experiencing more severe pain when exercising.

Treatment of shin splints involves avoiding any activity that is causing the problem. A person also can treat shin splints at home with certain self-care methods, such as taking a pain reliever and applying an ice pack to the shin area up to eight times a day for a couple of days, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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