How Long Is Recovery From Vascular Surgery in the Legs?


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Recovery from vascular surgery in the legs can take six to eight weeks, according to MedlinePlus. Patients begin post-operative recovery in the hospital, remaining an inpatient for one to three days after the surgery.

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Physical activity is part of an effective rehabilitation regimen and should include taking short walks three to four times a day, with each walk getting progressively longer, reports MedlinePlus. Patients should avoid sitting for more than one hour at a time initially and, when sitting, elevate legs and feet by propping them up on a cushioned chair or table.

Doctors provide instructions regarding cleaning the wound. It is important to not soak the wound, clean it with soap and water, or put any topical creams on it until the doctor advises it. Patients can clean the incision in the shower but should not allow the water to hit it directly, suggests MedlinePlus.

Reducing stress, taking prescribed medications, eating a healthy diet, cessation of smoking, and regular exercise may reduce the risk of arteries narrowing again, notes MedlinePlus.

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