How Long Is the Recovery Time for Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery?

The recovery from an ectopic surgery varies depending on the type of surgery, type of incision and the stitches used, with recovery ranging from 3 to 6 weeks, according to SteadyHealth. When either of the two ectopic surgeries are performed, using a laparoscopic incision leads to a quicker recovery.

There are two types of ectopic pregnancy surgeries, according to WebMd. Salpingostomy is when the ectopic growth is removed through a small cut in the fallopian tube, while a salpingectomy is when the portion of the fallopian tube itself is removed.

These surgeries can be performed using laparoscopy, or through a larger abdominal incision known as a laparotomy. According to WebMD, the laparoscopy takes less time and requires a shorter hospital stay. SteadyHealth states that laparoscopic surgeries come with a much shorter recovery time than the standard 3 to 6 weeks. According to the Encyclopedia of Surgery, the average recovery time with laparoscopy is about 2.4 weeks, compared to 4.6 week average with laparotomy. However, with either surgery, it typically takes about a month for women to continue with normal activities.

As a general rule of thumb, women can expect the wound from surgery to heal after 10 days and for commonly-used dissolvable stitches to disappear on their own between 10 to 21 days after surgery, according to The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.