How Long Is the Recovery Time After Having Aneurysm Surgery?


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Recovery time following a craniotomy for a brain aneurysm is about three to six weeks, and recovery from endovascular repair is usually about one to two weeks, according to MedlinePlus. For each surgery, complications such as excessive bleeding can prolong recovery time.

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Craniotomy patients may feel side effects such as tiredness for up to 12 weeks, MedlinePlus explains. Patients who had strokes during their aneurysms may also experience memory loss, trouble with speaking, numbness or muscle weakness. Endovascular repair patients generally are able to resume normal activities such as driving within two weeks of surgery, with a doctor's approval. These patients may also have some pain around the incision area, as well as in the groin area. For either surgery, patients should plan to have some assistance available at home during the first few days following their procedures.

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