How Long Is Recovery From Surgery to Repair a Torn Meniscus?


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The recovery time for surgery for a torn meniscus depends on the procedure the doctor uses, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. If he repairs the meniscus, recovery time is about three months. If the surgeon removes the meniscus, healing time is three to four weeks.

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How Long Is Recovery From Surgery to Repair a Torn Meniscus?
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After surgery for the torn meniscus, keep the knee immobile for the first two weeks, followed by two weeks of limited motion, states WebMD. Most patients begin physical therapy immediately after their surgery, but they should postpone heavy activity for several months.

Each knee has two C-shaped menisci that consist of cartridge. Tears occur during activities that cause forceful twisting of the knee, especially when the person has his full weight on the joint, explains Mayo Clinic. Many times, the torn meniscus heals with conservative care and does not require surgery.

If the tear requires surgery, the surgeon recommends the procedure depending on the tear's location. Tears near the edge of the meniscus are better candidates for repair. Large, horizontal tears or tears due to wear on the joint are less likely to heal after the repair and more likely to require removal. In some cases, the decision to remove the meniscus is made during the surgery, notes WebMD.

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