How Long Is the Recovery Period After Prostate Surgery?


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The recovery period for prostate surgery, or more commonly radical prostatectomy, can take between 10 to 14 days, although long-term recovery may take longer, according to the American Cancer Society. Restriction of some physical activities up to five weeks after the surgery is recommended.

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How Long Is the Recovery Period After Prostate Surgery?
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The recovery period begins when the patient is still in the hospital, asserts University of California San Francisco Medical Center. In-patient stays last a couple of days, and the dressing and drain are removed before the patient goes home. The catheter is removed when the patient returns up to two weeks later. Once the patient is sent home, light exercise is recommended to maintain good health. Recovery continues as the patient regains bladder control and the incision area heals. Some activities, such as bicycling, can be restricted for several weeks.

Different types of prostate surgery exist, and the one that is performed depends on how the cancer has spread, claims Johns Hopkins Medicine. In all types of prostate surgery, some or all of the prostate gland is removed. A nerve-sparing prostatectomy involves cutting away some nerves because the cancer has spread to them, resulting in loss of complete erectile function. Radical prostatectomy retropubic surgery is used most often and involves removing lymph nodes surrounding the prostate.

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