How Long Is Recovery After Surgery for a Lateral Meniscus Tear?


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Most patients are usually back to their daily routines four weeks after surgery for a lateral meniscus tear, states WebMD. Patients' abilities to do more strenuous activities depends upon the type of surgery, their individual healing processes and their responses to physical therapy.

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Directly after surgery, patients start physical therapy, and the knee is immobilized for at least two weeks, states WebMD. In simple cases, surgery involves removing damaged tissue, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons explains. However, if pieces of torn tissue have to be sewn together, patients are on crutches for about four weeks.

Exercises, such as running, that particularly stress the knee are to be avoided for months, according to WebMD. If patients continue to experience pain after the typical recovery time, additional physical therapy or surgery is sometimes needed.

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