How Long Does It Take to Recover From Hip Replacement?


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After hip replacement surgery, a patient normally resumes regular physical activity within six months, states Orthogate. The typical hospital stay is four to six days, and physical therapy starts the day after surgery, says WebMD. Within days, the patient usually walks with the aid of a cane, crutches or walker.

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After surgery, physical therapy lasts from weeks to months. For six to 12 months, the patient should avoid pivoting, twisting, or crossing the affected leg past the middle of the body. The patient should also avoid moving the leg inward, bending forward past 90 degrees, or squatting, according to WebMD.

The hip generally completely heals after six months. The exact recovery time depends on factors such as a positive attitude, a strong support network, adequate preparation for recovery, adequate pain management, and prompt physical therapy, states Orthogate.

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