How Long Does It Take to Recover From Hernia Srugery?


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Full recovery from hernia surgery can take between one to six weeks after the date of surgery, according to Covidien. As a result of surgery, areas around the incision may bruise, swell or numb. In addition, patients can expect to feel excessively tired in the first two weeks after surgery.

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Negative physical side effects and increased fatigue from surgery usually last up to two weeks after surgery before noticeable improvement, states Covidien. Depending on the patient's occupation, it should take between one and six weeks to return to work. Hospitals usually discharge patients after surgery once the patient is able to eat, drink, walk and urinate.

Upon returning home after hernia surgery, it is important for patients to prevent infection, enhance healing, avoid weight gain, and refrain from excessive coughing, claims Covidien. For the first few weeks following surgery, patients should walk as a form of exercise, eat a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of fluids. Patients should avoid driving, lifting and sports. Most patients should be able to shower within a day or two after surgery.

Hernia surgery is a procedure that closes a gap formed in the muscle walls of the abdomen, according to WebMD. Although the surgery utilizes minimally invasive technology, patients usually experience pain and fatigue. Studies show that reported pain and fatigue levels do not return to pre-surgery levels until seven days after the surgery.

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