How Long Does a Pharmacy Keep Prescription Records?

All pharmacy records, including prescription records, must be kept on file for at least 2 years, according to the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy. Prescriptions that are declined by pharmacists and not filled are also often kept on record. Pharmacists may decline to fill a prescription if they believe that the prescription is unlawful, fraudulent or not for a legitimate medical purpose; they may also do so if filling the prescription may result in possible negative consequences for the medical health of the patient.

Copies of declined prescriptions are often kept by pharmacists. They will often contact the prescriber in order to verify that the dosage or type of medication prescribed is correct. During this time, the pharmacist is not obligated to return a copy of the prescription to the patient. They can also choose to fill the prescription with a 3-day supply while they attempt to contact the prescriber to confirm the information. Copies of faxed prescriptions are also kept in the system as well.

By keeping a record of all of prescriptions, pharmacists and medical professionals are able to keep track of the type and dosage of medications to prevent cross reactions between different medications. They can also determine which types of medications are most and least effective.