How Long Does a Perforated Eardrum Take to Heal?

long-perforated-eardrum-heal Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A perforated eardrum typically heals within several weeks, even without treatment, according to the Mayo Clinic. Occasionally, however, a perforated eardrum requires surgical intervention or a procedure to heal, explains the Mayo Clinic.

While the Mayo Clinic estimates the healing time of a perforated eardrum to be a few weeks, WebMD states that the injury usually heals on its own within a of couple months. A perforated eardrum can happen suddenly, causing either a sharp pain in the ear or the sudden disappearance of a chronic earache, notes WebMD. Perforated eardrums often occur as a result of middle or inner ear infections, which can cause fluid or pus to accumulate behind the eardrum, according to Teens Health.