How Long Are NA Meetings?

The exact length of a Narcotics Anonymous meeting can vary, according to the organization's website. There are certain routines that meetings follow. However, there are other factors that play into the actual length that the entire meeting will last.

Meetings can be arranged into two different formats, according to Narcotics Anonymous World Services. Many NA meetings are discussion-based, while others have a speaker. Meetings often begin with newcomer introductions. Meetings usually close with a prayer or chant. Some meetings must stay within a time frame because of the rented space that is used may require it.

The remainder of the meeting can vary greatly from place to place and time to time, notes Narcotics Anonymous World Services. One factor that creates variability is the number of return attendees and the number of newcomers. All attendees are offered time to introduce themselves and share a story, typically limited to five minutes. Also, many meetings include the sharing of literature and discussion. This may also increase the time of a meeting.