How Long Does Male Menopause Last?

Male menopause, more correctly called androgen decline or "andropause," consists of a gradually decreasing testosterone level from about age 30 through the end of life, according to the Mayo Clinic. Resulting symptoms, mimic menopause in women and include fatigue, decreased muscle mass, depression and sexual problems.

Unlike menopause in women, during which women stop ovulating and hormone production nose-dives within a relatively short period of time, WebMD explains that men's androgen decline happens slowly over a long period. Healthy men also retain fertility into their 80s, or even later, because the testes never run out of the substance they need to produce testosterone. Certain diseases, such as diabetes, lessen men's testosterone production regardless of age. Lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, along with medications like antidepressants, combat the symptoms of decreased testosterone. The Mayo Clinic points out that hormone replacement therapy treatment remains controversial and that it comes with risks such as an increased chance of prostate cancer or heart attack.