How Long Do Lichen Planus Treatments Take for a Cure?


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As of 2015, no cure exists for lichen planus, but doctors prescribe medications such as corticosteroids and antihistamines to relieve inflammation, states Healthline. Other treatments, including retinoids, nonsteroidal creams and ultraviolet light therapy, aid in clearing the rash. Mild cases typically disappear within weeks or months, often without treatment.

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While lichen planus causes discomfort, it is not dangerous or contagious, and generally is not severe, notes Healthline. Symptoms include flat-topped, purple-colored lesions or bumps that typically appear on the ankles, wrists or inner forearms. Thin white lines develop over the itchy rash, which spreads for weeks to months. Blisters may develop, burst and form scabs. Lichen planus is fairly common, and is related to the body's immune system responses.

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