How Long Does an Injection in the Spine Facet Last?


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A spine facet injection provides relief for several days to a few months, states Ohio Health. If an injection is effective, an individual can have the procedure up to three times a year, notes Mayfield Clinic.

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A facet joint injection is a diagnostic method that also provides therapeutic results, asserts National Spine & Pain Centers. During the procedure, the doctor injects a local anesthesia and a long-lasting corticosteroid into the facet joint, explains Mayfield Clinic. The effects of the local anesthesia are immediate and last a few hours. Within two to seven days, the steroid medication starts to work and lasts up to a few months.

If an individual does not experience relief from the steroid, the doctor conducts further tests and treatments, such as medial branch nerve injection or radiofrequency neurotomy, to diagnose the source of pain, states Spine-health.

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