How Long Does the Hepatitis Vaccine Remain Good?


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Hepatitis vaccines are reported to be effective for up to 20 to 30 years, according to WebMD. They may even offer lifetime immunity if the entire series is completed.

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The A and B strands of the hepatitis virus have vaccinations available for them, explains WebMD. Each strand has its own vaccine, with a unique administration schedule, and there is a combination product available. The hepatitis A vaccine is a series of two shots spaced six months apart, while the hepatitis B vaccine is a series of three shots given with the first two shots one month apart, followed by the third shot six months after the second.

While the exact length of immunity is not certain, boosters can be given if a patient is at high risk of exposure, according to the Vaccine Center and Travel Medical Clinic. A blood titer, which is a blood test to measure immunity, may be performed to determine if a booster is needed.

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