How Long Does It Take to Heal From a Prostatectomy?


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Most men return to normal activities within six weeks of a prostatectomy and can have sexual intercourse within eight weeks after surgery, according to Mayo Clinic. Most men require a urinary catheter for up to 10 days after surgery and are advised to avoid driving until the catheter is removed.

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Men typically return home a few days after prostrate surgery, according to Mayo Clinic. The pelvic drain located in the region in which the prostrate was located is removed before leaving the hospital, and patients see their doctors within two weeks to have the staples removed. Doctors either remove the suprapubic tube in the bladder before the patient leaves the hospital or at a later time.

Most men have a follow-up appointment with their doctor six weeks after surgery, according to Mayo Clinic. While men who have undergone a prostatectomy continue to orgasm during intercourse, they ejaculate very little semen. Open simple prostatectomy provides effective, long-term treatment for the urinary problems associated with an enlarged prostrate, which include incontinence, inability to urinate, a frequent and urgent need to urinate, urinary tract infections and increased nocturnal urination. Although it is the most invasive treatment option for an enlarged prostate and carries the highest risk of complications and the longest recovery time, serious complications are uncommon.

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