How Long Does a Fever Last?


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According to ZocDoc, there is no specific time a fever lasts. Factors that contribute to the amount of time a fever lasts include the symptoms and how an individual defines a fever. If the fever lasts for more than seven days, it is best for the individual to seek medical attention.

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How Long Does a Fever Last?
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If the condition is serious enough, a fever may never fully go down, notes ZocDoc. One factor that contributes to an enduring fever is chronic inflammation. Significant fevers are considered any fever that is at least 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The cause of such a high temperature could be a virus, bacterial infection or drug-related condition. If an individual visits his doctor for a treatment of a chronic fever, the doctor may perform a physical examination, look for changes in inflammation and order laboratory tests. Antibiotics and forms of therapy may be recommended to successfully treat a fever.

eMedicineHealth notes that additional reasons an individual should see a doctor for his fever include bloody stools, leg swelling, chronic vomiting, disorientation, rash, chest pain and problems with breathing. There are also symptoms that indicate an individual should go straight to the emergency room rather than waiting for a doctor's appointment. Such symptoms include fever combined with trouble breathing and chest pain; fever and confusion; and hyperthermia.

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