How Long Can a Rash Caused by Chiggers Last?


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According to HealthLine, it can take up to three weeks for a rash caused by chigger bites to completely clear. If a rash is not healing, and swelling or fever is present, the rash may have become infected.

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MedicineNet notes that first symptoms start only hours after chigger larvae has attached to feed on skin cells. Itching can last several days, and red bumps from one to three weeks. Chigger bites occur in clusters, causing the bites to turn into a rash. Since chiggers do not burrow in the skin and fall off on their own, the only remedy for the rash is to ease the severe itching with anti-itch medications or by applying ice on the bites. Hot baths and excessive scratching can increase the risk of infection and should be avoided.

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