How Long Does It Take for a Bone Spur to Heal?

It can take a bone spur between six weeks and three months to heal, according to Runner's World. Treatments include stretching and icing the area, anti-inflammatory injections or surgery. Bone spurs attached to the heel can be treated with properly fitting shoes, shoe inserts, or other orthotic products.

Because bone spurs form on an area that experiences wear or prolonged pressure, they can heal by making some lifestyle changes, WebMD explains. For instance, a change can be as simple as purchasing shoes that fit well and cushion the part of the foot that rubs. The shoe should contain a heel cup or cushion.

A person needs to take time to stretch tight ligaments and tendons, suggests Runner's World. He can coil a towel around the bottom of his foot and pull the toes gently forward, stretching the bottom of the foot. He also needs to do pushups in bare feet to strengthen the tendons. Women need to switch from high-heeled shoes or at least do any running or physical activity before wearing the high-heeled shoes.

In some cases, bone spurs need to be surgically treated, says WebMD. During this process, the bone spur is removed and the damaged joint or ligament is repaired.