How Long Does Bloating Last During Menstruation?

Bloating can occur up to two weeks before the start of the menstrual cycle through to the end of menstruation, according to Mayo Clinic. While hormonal changes, hereditary factors and diet cause bloating, there are some lifestyle changes that can minimize bloating caused by premenstrual syndrome.

Regular exercise and a diet packed with whole grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts are beneficial in cutting down on bloating, according to Mayo Clinic. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol can minimize bloating, and avoiding processed foods and foods high in salt can also be effective. These changes can help limit water retention, the underlying cause of bloating.

In some severe cases of bloating, additional treatment may be necessary to control symptoms, according to Mayo Clinic. Diuretics can help to reduce fluid retention, but they have a large amount of side effects as well. Birth control pills have been used as a remedy for some symptoms of PMS, including bloating. If monthly bloating is a problem, visiting a doctor to discuss options is recommended. While symptoms may occur around the same time as the menstrual cycle, keeping a journal to document the symptoms can help to determine their source and confirm or reject their relation to the menstrual cycle.