How Long Does Adrenaline Last?

The duration of an adrenaline surge varies by the individual as well as the type of stress causing the alarm within the body, explains HowStuffWorks. If the adrenaline surge comes from seeing a cat stuck up in a tree, the body returns to normal soon after the cat comes down.

When stress hits, the adrenal glands, located just over your kidneys, release adrenaline into the body. This hormone dilates your blood vessels and expands air passages, giving blood easier access to the brain and muscles, according to FitDay. In this state, an individual can process information more quickly and carry out actions at a faster rate, notes FitDay. After the stress has been relieved, the parasympathetic system engages, slowing down the heart rate and breathing, and allowing the muscles to relax; then the your body can return to its normal state, known as homeostasis, states HowStuffWorks.