How Do You Locate a SAMHSA Treatment Facility?


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To locate a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration treatment facility, enter a starting location on the Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator site, according to the official website. The locator provides information about treatment facilities in the United States for mental health, addiction or substance abuse issues.

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SAMHSA personnel update the treatment facility locator each year based on the facility responses to the organization's National Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Survey, notes the website. The agency adds new eligible facilities that finished an abbreviated survey. SAMHSA also updates the names, services, contact numbers and addresses of facilities on a weekly basis.

State agency-funded facilities offering mental health treatment services and mental health treatment facilities managed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs are qualifying mental health treatment facilities, states the website. Other eligible facilities include nonprofit and for-profit private facilities with licenses from a state agency or accreditation from a national treatment accreditation organization.

Qualifying substance abuse and addiction treatment facilities that are part of the SAMHSA's list of facilities include facilities offering exclusive treatment of substance abuse or mental health problems to incarcerated people, says the website. Facilities that solely focus on providing services to people with traumatic brain injuries, developmental disability or mental retardation are also eligible. Privately practicing mental health professionals qualify as well.

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