How Do You Locate the Reflexology Pancreas Zone?


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A reflexology pancreas zone is located on each foot directly under the great toe, in the middle of the arch, about mid-foot, as shown on Pure and Simple Healing. The zone is larger on the left foot and extends from the great toe to the middle toe.

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Reflexology is an ancient practice of foot massage estimated to date back to Ancient Egypt. Prototypes of modern "foot maps" have been found in Egyptian hieroglyphics, notes Alternativemedicinesresources. Modern reflexologists trace their practice to Dr. William Fitzgerald at the Riley School of Chiropractic in Washington, circa 1913. Along with his colleagues, he devised similar "foot maps" to identify and massage areas of the foot that correspond to specific areas of the body. An experienced reflexologist can "read"' the foot by detecting sore spots, corns, bunions and calluses and thereby determine the health of specific organs and the overall physical and emotional health of the patient. Reflexology is said to rid the body of toxins, reduce stress and revitalize the body.

There are also pressure points on the hand for the pancreas and other organs, as displayed on Health Wisdom. The area is much larger on the left palm, extending from the fleshy mound under the thumb to the edge of the ring finger. On the palm of the right hand, the pancreas zone is located at the medial edge of the thumb, close to the metacarpal joint.

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