How Do You Locate a Pharmacy That Accepts Medicare Plans?


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Find a pharmacy that accepts a particular Medicare Part D prescription drug plan by consulting a list of the plan's network and preferred pharmacies, advises AARP. Not all Medicare Part D plans use the same pharmacies. Some plans have nationwide networks, while other plans are regional.

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Before enrolling in a Medicare Part D drug plan, use the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder to find a plan with network pharmacies in your area, explains AARP. Go to the Medicare.gov main page, click on the green rectangle that says Find Health & Drug Plans, enter your ZIP code, and click on Find Plans. Pharmacies in a plan's network offer the lowest prices for prescription drugs. Preferred pharmacies, though not in a plan's network, offer discounts. After you choose a plan and enroll, the plan sends you a complete list of the pharmacies with which it works.

In addition to the locations of a plan's pharmacies, another important consideration when choosing a Medicare Part D drug plan is the plan's formulary, states Medicare.gov. A formulary is a list of drugs that a plan covers, and not all plans cover the same drugs. A formulary is divided into tiers, with inexpensive generic drugs in lower tiers and higher-priced brand-name drugs in upper tiers. Be sure that the plan's formulary carries the prescription drugs you need before signing up for the plan, as once you enroll, you have to wait until the following year's open enrollment period to change plans if you are not satisfied.

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