How Do You Locate the Nearest Medical Dispensary?

How Do You Locate the Nearest Medical Dispensary? and Leafly are two examples of online resources that allow users to search for local medical marijuana dispensaries, according to the company websites. Another resource that provides medical dispensary location services is Where's Weed.

The medical marijuana dispensary listings available on are maintained by the business owners themselves. is dedicated to helping legal medical patients find safe and trusted dispensaries, according to its website. This service lists medical dispensaries located in the 18 states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana. In addition to dispensaries, this website allows users to search for local doctors, compassion centers and collectives. Patients may also read reviews on dispensaries from other patients.

Leafly is the largest information source for cannabis, according to Leafly. In addition to allowing users to search for local dispensaries, this company provides a search feature for specific strains of medical cannabis. This search feature includes options for edible, topical and concentrated cannabis products. Leafly also provides patient ratings and reviews for dispensaries, strains and products.

Additionally, Leafly offers a section where patients may read the latest news and cultural information about cannabis and a section for information on cannabis basics and other educational resources. Patients may also join the Leafly community to connect with other medical cannabis users, states Leafly.