How Do You Locate Information on How Much a Dentist Charges?

To find out how much a dentist charges, a good place to start is by checking directly with the dentist. Another option is by using a cost calculator for dentist costs or by looking up the average cost of individual dental procedures and treatments.

Since prices can vary based on location and the individual dentists, the most accurate way to find out about costs is to ask the dentist office. Even if they cannot provide a detailed list of costs, the office manager or dental assistant usually has a list of their general costs. While in some cases the costs can be higher or lower, this gives a good indication of what it costs for a filling, crown, extraction or root canal.

Another option is to use a calculator, such as the one offered at FH Consumer. This calculator lets the patient input information such as their geographical location and the type of treatment in order to find out approximately how much it would cost. There is also the option to add extra features to get a more accurate cost, such as using sedation or local anesthesia or choosing the type of crown material.

There are lists of average prices for different dental procedures; however, this can vary based on the dentist office. For example, the average cost for an amalgam filling is between $110 to $200, but different dentists might charge more or less.