How Do You Locate Your Immunization Shot Records?


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To locate your immunization shot records, visit the clinics where the shots were administered or check with your high school or college health services for records, suggests the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As of 2015, there is no centralized or national organization that keeps vaccination records.

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How Do You Locate Your Immunization Shot Records?
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Other ways to locate your immunization shot records include asking your parents or caregivers for documentation given to them from the administering clinic, checking baby books or old photo albums for records, and checking with previous employers that may have requested and kept the records, suggests the CDC. School systems typically only keep immunization records on file for one to two years after the student leaves the system.

Some states have registries that include children and adult vaccinations, notes the CDC. These registries are often labeled as immunization information systems, and the state health department maintains the records. Primary care physicians or public health clinics may also keep records of vaccinations.

If you cannot locate your vaccination records, you may need to have them re-administered. Although this option should be a last resort, it is safe to repeat vaccinations, according to the CDC. Doctors can also give you a blood test to see if you are immune to vaccine-preventable diseases.

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