How Do You Locate a Clinic That Removes Skin Tags?


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To locate a clinic that removes skin tags, patients can ask their primary care physician for a referral or go to a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic. Dermatologists and family physicians are the health care practitioners who typically treat or remove skin tags, notes MedicineNet.com.

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A skin tag is a nonmalignant skin growth that usually develops in skin fold areas, such as under the breast, underarms and groin. Skin tags that are not bothersome most often do not need removal. Although most skin tags may cause no pain, clothing rubbing against them can cause irritation. These can require removal. Although a patient's physician may remove skin tags, a patient may opt to go to a clinic.

To find a clinic for skin tag treatment, a patient can ask his doctor for a referral. Another way to locate a clinic is to visit the Walgreens website to find the nearest Healthcare Clinic in a given area. These clinics, which are located in select Walgreens in different states, offer treatment for a variety of medical issues, including skin conditions.

In a Healthcare Clinic, skin tag removal can occur in one visit, However, skin tags that are on areas such as the genitals or facial region are not treated at these clinics. These cases are referred to a physician or skin specialist for treatment, notes Walgreens.com. The typical treatment options for skin tag removal are through excision with surgical scissors, cryosurgery or electric cauterization, states MedicineNet.com.

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