How Do You Find Local Parkour Gyms?


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Find local parkour gyms by visiting the websites of parkour organizations such as Apex Movement, Urban Evolution or NY Parkour Academy. While parkour is traditionally performed outside, several small groups around the country have begun to provide indoor training.

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Parkour uses urban features such as parking meters or fire escapes as items in a free-form obstacle course. Parkour gyms are indoor training facilities that provide handrails, walls and poles similar to what is found on the streets of a modern urban environment. Parkour is, as of 2015, a niche sport, but the World Freerunning Parkour Federation and other groups offer official parkour certification to gyms throughout the United States.

Apex Movement is the largest of these groups in the United States. It runs gyms in five locations, which it lists on its website. NY Parkour Academy runs parkour training in the New York City area at set locations, as well as holding private training classes. Information on lessons can be found under the Academy section of the group's website. Urban Evolution, another such group, has locations in Baltimore, Maryland, and in the towns of Alexandria and Manassas in Virginia.

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