How Do You Find a Local Alkaline Water Store?


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To find a local store that sells alkaline water, visit the website of an alkaline water brand and use its store locator. Evamor water requires a city and state or ZIP code, as well as the number of miles the individual is willing to travel in order to produce a store address. Sante Via requires all of the aforementioned information as well as the country in which the individual resides to provide purchase information.

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Alkaline water has less acidity than tap water, as it contains more calcium, bicarbonate, silica, magnesium and potassium. Those who sing the praises of alkaline water claim that it helps fight against acidosis, which can lead to endocrine or cardiac problems, as well as bone loss and muscle atrophy. While those with kidney problems should not drink alkaline water because it causes fluid retention, those who exercise vigorously should to maintain hydration.

There is some controversy over whether alkaline water should be purchased in plastic bottles. Health Alkaline says that alkaline water has the ability to absorb the petrochemicals used to produce plastic bottles, making the water just as unhealthy as tap water. Instead of buying bottled alkaline water from a store, the website suggests purchasing an alkaline water machine. Water filtered through the machine should be immediately placed in glass bottles for consumption.

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