What Are Some Liver Detoxifying Programs?


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Liver detoxification programs include "The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet," based on the book by Ann Louise Gittleman, and Dr. Oz's "48-hour Weekend Cleanse." While some express great confidence in liver detoxification systems, Mayo Clinic warns that these programs may not truly accomplish detoxification of major organs.

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Although the Fast Track detoxification program emphasizes a one-day system, preparation begins during the week prior to the day of detoxification. Each day in the week prior, a person must eat a variety of green vegetables, citrus fruits and foods high in sulphur such as onions and garlic, as stated by Experience Life magazine. Flaxseeds, lean proteins and a high volume of water are also daily requirements prior to the liver cleanse. On the day of detoxification, the person drinks only a "Miracle Juice" made up of cranberry juice, water, citrus juices and various spices.

Dr. Oz recommends a 48-hour detoxification program in which he outlines the exact foods to eat for each meal during the two-day period. Breakfast foods include quinoa with prunes, followed by a fruit smoothie for lunch and a vegetable broth soup for dinner. Between meals, the individual is permitted to drink juice and water blends. Dr. Oz also encourages those who are completing a detoxification program to avoid eating after 7 p.m. and to try Epsom salt baths along with dandelion root tea.

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