What Is the Best Liver Detox Home Remedy?


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As of 2015 the concept of a liver detox has no convincing research to support it, states WebMD. Vitamins C, E and beta-carotene support an overtaxed liver, and milk thistle and dandelion root potentially aid people with liver diseases, but there is no science to support a particular supplement regimen.

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What Is the Best Liver Detox Home Remedy?
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There is some evidence that certain herbs and antioxidant vitamins protect the liver against damage and assist in its excretion functions, states WebMD. However, there are no large studies to support this idea and none that test a variety of vitamins and herbs at once.

At present, WebMD recommends avoiding liver disease and supporting liver function by refraining from sugar, tobacco, caffeine and recreational drugs. Other supportive measures include drinking six to eight glasses of water a day and also eating lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Additionally, WebMD recommends refraining from unsafe sex and from eating raw shellfish, which both sometimes cause hepatitis A.

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