Why Do Liver Cysts Grow Large?


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Liver cysts grow large because they are rarely detected early due to their slow growth and, in time, this leads to a large cyst sitting in the liver, according to the American Liver Foundation. Liver cysts are fluid-filled sacs that are not supposed to be in the liver and their presence indicates that something might be wrong.

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Why Do Liver Cysts Grow Large?
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Not all liver cysts indicate that there is a serious problem in the body and, in fact, many cysts do not harm the liver's ability to function though they do cause pain. When the liver cysts begin to cause too much pain, it is recommended that they be removed. Of course, if the cyst interferes with liver functioning in the body then the cyst will need to be removed immediately, reports the American Liver Foundation.

Polycystic liver disease is one disease that results in several cysts growing within the liver. These cysts will not grow large until the person is an adult. It is more common for women to have polycystic liver disease when compared to men but both genders can have the disease, according to the American Liver Foundation. When cysts do cause pain, they tend to cause abdominal pain, a bloating sensation and a swelling in the stomach area. If the pain is severe, it is possible that complications have ensued as liver cysts can cause bile duct obstruction or bleeding, reports WebMD.

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