How Do You Live Longer?


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To live longer, Health.com recommends lifestyle changes, such as eating less food, maintaining a healthy weight, engaging in frequent sexual activity, limiting sun exposure and watching less television. Additionally, spend a lot of time with friends and loved ones, incorporate copious amounts of fruits and vegetables into the diet, limit alcohol consumption, quit smoking and workout frequently at moderate or intense levels of activity.

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According to Sandra Gordon for Prevention, people who habitually drink tea several times during the day are proven to be at a decreased risk of developing heart disease or stroke. It is important to brew tea at home and avoid tarnishing its healthy compounds with additives, such as milk. Tea is a much better alternative to sugary drinks and diet sodas, which are shown to create high blood pressure, excessive fat storage and diabetes in people who drink the beverages too often.

Also stay away from processed meats full of harmful nitrates and red meats, all of which are known to increase the risk of developing colorectal cancer. These types of meats are commonly grilled and form carcinogens on their surfaces when they develop black burn spots. Gordon also recommends remaining mentally active by engaging in new and stimulating activities that challenge the brain to continue learning.

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