How Do You Find a Live-in Companion for an Elderly Person?


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The two primary ways of finding a live-in companion for an elderly person are going through a home care agency or advertising directly, according to the Los Angeles Times. You can also try to find someone through a church or other community organization.

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The first step in finding a companion for an elderly person is to determine what kind of care the person needs. Consider consulting a geriatric care manager, as suggested by Caring.com. These professionals can conduct a detailed assessment to determine how often the senior needs care and whether skilled nursing is necessary or simple companionship and assistance with simple tasks is enough.

If you choose to advertise for a companion, make sure you write a detailed job description before your first interviews, as recommended by the Los Angeles Times. Ask detailed questions about potential candidates' experience and qualifications. If the elderly person has physical disabilities that the companion may have to assist with, make sure the job candidate is strong enough to do so. Ask for at least two references.

If you choose an agency, you need to interview and research the company, reports the Los Angeles Times. Ask about their hiring and screening process, as well as about what kind of training and support they provide for their employees. Ask them for references as well.

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