How Do You Live to 100?


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Methods of living to 100 years old include eating healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and limiting stress whenever possible. Maintaining a healthy weight and staying physically active through exercise or labor also promotes longevity.

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Keep smoking and alcohol intake to a minimum. It is also important to know family risk factors and any genetic risks to reduce the likelihood of suffering those conditions. Getting a proper amount of sleep, about seven or eight hours per night, is another critical factor in overall health. Dental hygiene, including brushing and flossing teeth regularly, reduces bacteria in the mouth. Getting screened for common diseases, such as breast cancer in women, is a good method of detecting diseases early. Vaccinations are also important to prevent diseases, such as the flu.

Reduce stress by finding a hobby and taking vacations regularly. Other ways to keep stress levels down include staying in touch with close friends and family, keeping an optimistic outlook on life, enjoying work without becoming consumed by it and finding healthy ways to deal with adversity. When it comes to mental health, keeping the mind active is a vital factor. Engage in mentally stimulating exercises, such as reading, writing and games that challenge the brain, to keep it operating at full capacity.

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