How Do You List a Personal Adult Ad?

How Do You List a Personal Adult Ad?

To place a personals ad, adults may contact a local publication or list an ad online, notes Harvard magazine. Some publications charge by the word and others, such as online sites, may offer free ad space.

Placing a personals ad is still possible for those who are fed up with the online dating world. These ads are now available in print and through online personals websites. Listing an ad is a simple process. The hardest part may be deciding what to say.

  1. Select a publication
  2. Look at local papers or on websites to decide what ones in which to place an ad. Date-seekers may want to find one that charges less per word, or look for publications with the highest readership.

  3. Compose the ad
  4. Put together a short ad that details the essentials and what is desired in a potential partner. Keep it short, as some media have a limit and it saves on cost. Consider common abbreviations, such as SW/F for single, white female.

  5. List the ad
  6. Contact the publication via email or phone about placing an ad. Some publications also have an online form for listing ads. Select how long the ad will be run, write in the ad and provide payment information. Confirm the payment. The publication may sent a confirmation email that the ad will be listed.