What Is a List of Medical and Diagnostic Procedure Codes?


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A list of diagnostic codes is provided on the Research Data Assistant Center website. The site includes information on ICD-9 diagnostic codes and ICD-9 procedure codes. The ICD-10 codes effective as of October 10, 2015 are available at Icd10data.com.

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Diagnostic codes are specific to thousands of different conditions and can change from year to year, says the Research Data Assistance Center. Codes used in ICD-9 were converted into new codes for ICD-10. The Center also states that the data collected from ICD codes are integral to analyzing Medicare data. It is the responsibility of health care professionals, however, to determine which code best fits the case and patient they are treating. This is important because the data collected is used for a variety of purposes.

ICD, or International Classification of Diseases, is used for epidemiology, health management and clinical purposes, according to the World Health Organization. Codes are used by health practitioners to classify diseases and conditions. WHO uses the data collected from ICD codes to monitor the incidence and prevalence of diseases to get an idea of the general health of certain populations or countries. The data is also used to calculate the statistics for national mortality and morbidity.

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