What Is a List of Main Ingredients in Popular Pain Medications?


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Websites Drugs.com and eMedicineHealth provide lists of popular pain medications and their main ingredients. Online source Drugs.com has an extensive list of more than 500 brand name pain medicines that are either over the counter or by prescription. The generic names are also given for these medications.

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The active ingredient of each brand name medication is the generic drug name given. For example, the brand name Aleve has the generic name of naproxen, which is the active ingredient in this pain reliever, states WebMD. Similarly, Bayer has aspirin as the active ingredient, Motrin contains ibuprofen and Tylenol has acetaminophen.

eMedicineHealth has the different brand names of pain relievers listed under their respective active ingredient. There also are many prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs listed with their generic names. For example, Relafen has the generic name nabumetone, which is the active ingredient in this brand name drug.

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