What Is a List of Foods High in Sodium?


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Foods that contain high amounts of sodium include breads, cold cuts, cheese, soups and pizza. Salty snacks such as potato chips and pretzels commonly have a high salt content, as do cured meats, including ham and bacon. Depending on how it is prepared, poultry also tends to be high in sodium.

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What Is a List of Foods High in Sodium?
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Sodium is often included in processed foods found at the supermarket. Frozen dinners or packaged boxes of macaroni and cheese include sodium among the ingredients. Breakfast sandwiches made with eggs, ham, bacon or sausage are usually packed with sodium. A typical pizza with cheese, meat and other toppings can easily contain at least half of the daily recommended allowance for sodium. A fast-food sandwich made from cold cuts or hamburger is another way to ingest extremely high levels of salt in one sitting. For instance, a large cheeseburger can have a full day's sodium allowance.

Canned soup is another popular food with high levels of sodium. Some soups, however, are low in sodium, and labeled as such. Reducing the amount of sodium in the diet requires choosing naturally low-sodium foods such as fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits. Foods labeled as unsalted are also good choices. Since sodium is not always obvious in many foods, such as breads, pasta and cereals, checking labels for sodium is essential.

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